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Beaver Computing Challenge

Recently, 231 of our grade 9 and 10 math students participated in the University of Waterloo’s Beaver Computing Challenge.    

Certificates of Distinction were awarded to students who finished in the top 25% percent worldwide.   This year, 60 of our students received this award!

A perfect score on the competition was 90 marks.  The following students are recognized on Waterloo’s Honour Roll for achieving a score or 83 or higher:

Kiran Grey Wolf

Sabrina Parker

Emma Woolgar

Holly Fediash

Annika Frankiss

Amelia Kwan

Alex MacKay

And with the highest mark at our school,  - A PERFECT SCORE OF 90 - Grayson Rechsteiner!

Congratulations on your outstanding achievement!


Tutoring -Tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays in room 118.  Our tutors can help with junior level Math and Science as well as senior Chemistry and Biology.  

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The IB Program

IB Application Package available under Programs. 

January 2019 Exams

Semester I exams will take place from January 22-29, 2019.

Semester 2 Start                                           AM Schedule - Semester 1 classes

Period A- 9:00-9:45                                  Period B- 9:50-10:25                                Period C- 10:30-11:05                              Period D- 11:10-11:40                              Lunch 11:40-12:45

PM Schedule - Semester 2 classes

Period A- 12:45-1:20                               Period B- 1:25-2:00                                Period C- 2:05-2:40                                 Period D- 2:45-3:15



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